Agreement of Collaboration between CoE EARE and POLMAN Bandung

by Co-Director - 30 October 2023

Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy and Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bandung (PMS-ITB). Professor Pipit Anggraeni, Vice President of Academic Affairs signed the document with Manuel AZIBI, CoE EARE’s co-director.

In the future, we will work together to increase practical activities, on educational projects for students and also offering internships, particularly in virtual and augmented reality.

The agreement collaboration covers areas of cooperation related to, such as :

  • sharing laboratories to explore more laboratory practical activities
  • collaborative learning, work on projects can enhance student learning
  • offering students internships that can enhance student in professional experience

We would like to thank Pipit Anggraeni, Mohammad Nurdin, Setyawan Ajie Sukarno, Nuryanti Sumarno, Hilda Khoirunnisa & Dini Hadiani for the warm welcome and amazing hospitality!

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