Agreement of Collaboration between CoE EARE and UPI

by Co-Director - 14 September 2023

We are pleased to announce the signing of a new partnership agreement between the Centre of Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy and the French Department of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Professor Tri Indri Hardini, Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature, signed the document with Mr. Manuel AZIBI, Co-Director of the Centre of Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy.

Thanks to this collaboration, we will be offering an internship opportunity to French students at UPI, which supports the Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia). This programme enables students to undertake an internship in a French-speaking environment.

For 4 months, Muhamad Arrigo Reksa Muharam will be translating from French into Indonesian teaching resources produced by French experts for teachers at SMK and various CoE partners.

We would like to thank tri indri hardini, Tri Indri Hardini, Yulianeta Yulianeta, Yanty Wirza, Farida Amalia Amalia, Dadang Sunendar, Yuliarti Mutiarsih, iim siti karimah, Ariessa Racmadhany, Fatma Az Zahra, Ikhwan Zuhdi for their warm welcome and wonderful hospitality.

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