SENAR Application test at SMK Negeri 1 Cimahi

by Co-Director - 1 December 2022

Yesterday was a big day for CoE EARE!

The launch of a test phase of the SENAR Virtual Reality app in 10 Indonesian SMK.

Using the SENAR app is as easy as watching a video on your phone. Mobile AR (Augmented Reality) is intuitive and can be used immediately, remotely or in the classroom. Trainees need only 30 seconds to familiarise themselves with the simple and user-friendly interface. 

In collaboration with Schneider Electric France, 3 pedagogical models were modelled with 8 different scenarios. Yesterday, 34 students from SMKN 1 CIMAHI were able to test the SENAR app in Indonesian language.

The first elements of the survey submitted to the students show extremely encouraging results!

Many thanks to the Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia and the BBPPMPV BMTI Kemdikbud for allowing this experimentation.

Many thanks to the management team and teachers of SMKN 1 CIMAHI for the warm welcome.

Many thanks to the SENAR team for their patience and for taking into account all our requests.

Many thanks to my colleague Thomas BRIERE for all his pedagogical reflections as a technical expert.

What a pleasure to work on this project with Marie Castella and all her team, always motivated and dynamic!

And above all, a huge thank you to the 34 students of SMKN 1 CIMAHI for the quality of their work, their enthusiasm and for their good mood!


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