Opening of Renewable Energy Training for Polytechnic Lecturers supported by GFA Group

by Co-Director - 31 January 2022

Following a visit from the GFA Group RESD (Renewable Energy Skills Development) team which received a mandate from the Swiss Government on December 16 at CoE EARE, GFA Group decided to work closely with CoE EARE to conduct training for Polytechnic lecturers and instructors for the Balai Latihan Kerja (BLK) in the field of Renewable Energy. The 1st Batch opened on January 31, 2022 for 12 lecturers from 6 different Polytechnics. They took part in renewable energy training for basic level solar energy which lasted 2 weeks from January 31, 2022 to February 11, 2022. The opening ceremony took place at the BBPMPPV BMTI Multipurpose Building and was held in a hybrid manner by inviting Mr. Beny Bandanadjaja as the Academic Director of Vocational Higher Education (Direktur Pendidikan Tinggi Vokasi) - Ministry of Education and Culture, via Zoom to officially open the training. This training was held in the framework of cooperation between Indonesia and Switzerland to improve the competence of human resources in the development of Renewable Energy programs in Indonesia.

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A Visit from SMK 24 PGRI Jakarta

The Centre of Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy hosted a visit from SMK 24 PGRI Jakarta on Tuesday (08/11). The students were accompanied by their two teachers and the aim of the visit was to motivate and raise the students' interest in the electrical, automation and renewable energy professions. 

by Co-Director
11 November 2022

Cooperation between CoE EARE and CMQ Auto'Mobilités

For the 2022 program, the Centre of Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy plans to extend its collaboration with some of the Campus des métiers et des qualifications in France. A Campus des métiers et des qualifications or CMQ is a network that brings together all the stakeholders (high school, higher education institutions, training organizations, research laboratories, companies and associations) in a sector of activity to develop the skills required by the industries.

by Co-Director
11 March 2022

Launch of CoE EARE Community Platform

CoE EARE launched its community platform by using Discord to connect all trainees (vocational school teachers and technicians) from the beginning of the project, Master Trainers, CoE EARE and Schneider Electric Indonesia.

by Co-Director
20 April 2022