Solar Industry Meet-Up in Kupang, NTT

by Co-Director - 3 October 2023

Last week, our Co-Director, Manuel AZIBI, France Éducation international, Ministry of National Education and Youth, had a honor to be part of Solar Industry Meet-Up with GIZ Indonesia & ASEAN and Schneider Electric in Kupang, NTT.

This meeting consisted of a group discussion between actors in the solar energy industry on the one hand, and various training organisations on the other.

Perfectly organised by GIZ and Schneider Electric, this meeting also brought to a close the DeveloPPP cooperation project, which has developed training programmes for solar energy technicians.

The trip was also an opportunity to meet and visit the students and teachers of SMKN 2 and SMKN 5 Kupang equipped by the CoE EARE project.

Thank you Mr. Catoer Wibowo & Mrs. Aswita W. Saragih for inviting us to this honorable event!

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