3rd Batch of Electrical Installation CoE EARE has been opened, 15 vocational schools confirmed their participation

by Co-Director - 18 November 2021

On November 8, 2021 at 08:30 a.m in the CoE EARE building, BBPPMPV BMTI, the 3rd Electrical Installation Training was opened. The 16 participants come from 15 vocational schools across the country : SMKN 4 Lebong, SMKN 1 Minas, SMKN 1 Boalemo, SMKS Muhammadiyah Gresik, SMKS Semen Gresik, SMKS Dwija Bhakti 1 Jombang, SMKS Nagara Kedunggalar Ngawi, SMKS Muhammadiyah 1 Malang, SMKS Tamansiswa Mojokerto, SMKN 1 Palangkaraya, SMKN 6 Balikpapan, SMKN 1 Karimun, SMKN 1 Sentani, SMKN 1 Tana Toraja and SMKS Sinar Husni 2 Tr L Deliserdang. Despite the pandemic, they could move to our premises in Cimahi. The training lasts 5 weeks, they follow the training from November 8 to December 11, 2021. The training was opened by the director of BBPPMPV BMTI, Mr. Supriyono. He hoped that these vocational school teachers who participated in the training would be able to follow it well in order to share their knowledge and skills with their students and colleagues.

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by Co-Director
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