6 vocational schools become Regional Center of Excellence (RCoE)

by Co-Director - 4 September 2023

Of the 144 vocational high schools equipped by our project, some are becoming Regional Centres of Excellence (RCoE).
Last month, 6 new schools became RCoEs:
- SMKN 2 Kendal
- SMKN 4 Lebong
- SMKN 1 Cirebon
- SMKN 2 Samarinda
- SMKN 2 Bawang
- SMKN 2 Tebing Tinggi
As a result of these new RCoE, who have just received a week's additional training, we hope to continue providing skills in Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy to many neighbouring high schools.
All this training is based on Schneider Electric equipment received during the various phases of the project.

We would like to thank our master trainers, Pak Tubagus Kurniawan and Pak Didi Kurniadi, for these 6 high quality on-site trainings.

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The Centre of Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy received a visit from SMK 1 Sukatani Purwakarta, West Java, to our office located in BBPPMPV BMTI Kemdikbud. This visit was supervised by Mr. Didi Kurniadi, our master trainer, and the CoE EARE team. During the visit we had the opportunity to present and explain our facilities and laboratories. On this occasion, our trainer demonstrated the operation of the systems to explain the usefulness of the equipment.

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Opening of Renewable Energy Training for BLK Instructors

GFA Consulting Group, which was mandated by the Swiss government, again sent trainees to the Center of Excellence. This time, it's the turn of instructors from Balai Latihan Kerja (BLK or Vocational Training Center) who will take part in the Advanced Solar Energy Training for a duration of two weeks starting from February 14 to 25, 2022.

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