A Visit from SMKN 2 Bawang, Central Java

by Co-Director - 20 October 2022

The Centre of Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy received a visit from SMKN 2 Bawang, Central Java to our office in our building (19/10/2022). 
The visit was supervised by our Master Trainers Mr. Tatang Sukendar & Mr. Didi Kurniadi.
SMKN 2 Bawang is one of our project equipped schools in the field of industrial automation. 
So we were able to discuss about the use of Schneider Electric Indonesia equipment in this SMK and present our facilities and laboratories.
On this occasion, Mr. Manuel AZIBI, co-director of CoE EARE, had the opportunity to present the projects of augmented and virtual reality applied to education.
These innovative learning tools aim to help teachers and students of SMK to use the Schneider Electric equipment that has been received in their schools. 
CoE EARE will conduct several tests in the coming weeks to validate the proper functioning of these solutions in vocational high schools in Indonesia. 
We hope that this innovation will contribute to the electrical and automation skills of our students!

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by Co-Director
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by Co-Director
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Schneider Electric Indonesia hadir dengan program Teacher Mission 2023 untuk meningkatkan kualitas pendidikan vokasi di Indonesia, khususnya dalam bidang teknologi kelistrikan dan keberlanjutan. Materi yang disajikan mencakup keahlian utama (hard skill) dan keahlian pendukung (soft skill) sehingga para siswa SMK dapat siap menghadapi tantangan di dunia kerja yang semakin kompleks.

by Co-Director
3 May 2023