French Delegation from CMQ Reunion Island and Academy of La Reunion

by Co-Director - 27 October 2023

Last week, we had a pleasure of receiving a French delegation from Academy of La Réunion & Campus des métiers et des qualifications civil engineering and eco-construction in a tropical environment composed by Brault Laurent, DRAFPIC, Ranjit ZANEGUY, Head of partnerships (DRAFPIC Réunion/Rectorat) & Didier CALOGINE, Professor at ESIROI [École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Réunion Océan Indien] Engineering School.

The French delegation was warmly received by Cecep S. And his team at the Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, accompanied by CoE EARE’s Co-director, Manuel AZIBI, France Éducation international, Ministry of National Education and Youth and Antoine Bricout, Educational Cooperation Attaché of the French Embassy, Institut français Indonesia.

The purpose of a visit was to discuss about the further actions of collaborations regarding the cooperation agreement that has been signed between the Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications génie civil et éco-construction en milieu tropical, La Réunion and Kemendikbud.

We were first hosted by Kemendikbud, with the first presentation of the DRAFPIC, Brault Laurent, that took us through following discussion about our further actions on vocational education.

We would like to thank Cecep S., Muhammad Wildan Pratama, Dian Vita Nugrahaeny, Bayu Tri Prasetyo, Fauziannisa Pradana Putri & Ahmad Syaiful Anwar for the support in the preparation of our French delegation who presented in Kemendikbud and to all participants for the fulfilling exchanges we had.

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