Indonesian SMK Teachers Training in France with CMQ Microtechniques et Systèmes Intelligents

by Co-Director - 11 December 2023

After spending the first week with Campus des métiers et des qualifications PlastiCampus, we had an opportunity to spend another week with Campus des métiers et des qualifications Microtechniques et Systèmes Intelligents

On this occasion, we visited several vocational schools and French industries in order to exchange with them regarding the formation proposed, practical activity, teaching method and also study & work manner. The schools and industries we visited are as follows :
👉 Académie de Besançon, Mrs. Natacha Lanaud Lecomte, Mrs. Nathalie Albert-Moretti, Mr. Michel Mainguenaud
👉 Lycée Jules Haag, Mr. Laurent Cagne, Mrs. Christelle Abis, Mrs. Sandrine Euvrard, Mr. Michel De Leon, Mr. Ghislain Guille
👉 Campus des métiers et des qualifications Microtechniques et Systèmes Intelligents, Mrs. Anne-Marie DIDIER
👉 Lycée Nelson Mandela, Mr. Gérald Sémont, Mrs. Florence Varraut, Mr. Cristophe Lafon, Mr. Brahim
👉 Nidec Leroy-Somer, Mr. ozen tarkan
GIP FTLV de Franche-Comté, CFA académique de Franche-Comté

We would like to thank all the team for the quality of the exchanges and the highly motivated joint project!

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