Student Intern at CoE EARE for Translation Job

by Co-Director - 11 May 2023

The Centre of Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy is currently hosting Hanif Adjani Prasanna Putra, a student from Universitas Padjadjaran for a three (3) month internship from March to early May 2023, to carry out translations of educational resources.

Indeed, Hanif is helping us to translate from French to Indonesian, the educational resources created by French experts from different CMQ (Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications) partners of the CoE.

At the end of the day, teachers and students from vocational high schools (SMK), will be able to directly use practical activities adapted to the Schneider Electric equipment received in their school.

Thank you for your valuable work Hanif!

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16 May 2023

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29 September 2022