Visit to classroom of the future by HP Education

by Co-Director - 8 February 2023

Our co-director and technical expert from France Éducation international, Ministry of National Education and Youth, Mr. Manuel AZIBI, had the opportunity to visit one of the schools renovated by HP Education. The objective of this visit is to continue our cooperation between CoE EARE, HP Education and SEI, for the equipment of a new laboratory.

On this occasion, we were able to observe a primary school class with students in full activity and to get an idea of the materials that could be used in our laboratory.

We would like to thank Aswita W. Saragih, Florence Lim Lai, Alvin Reza, Keany Edessias and all the members of Baru State Elementary School 1 for this wonderful visit.

And a big thank you to all the students for their warm welcome!

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