CoE EARE Supports Jabar Energy Champion Program, Certification of 50 Electricity Installers with IATKI

by Co-Director - 20 January 2020

Cimahi – 50 Electricity Installers in West Java has been certified by IATKI from 2019, 8 – 15 July at the CoE EARE Building, P4TK BMTI Bandung. This activity is a collaborative program between the West Java Provincial Government and the International Copper Association (ICA) through the West Java Energy Champion program. CoE EARE also participated in this program in short training for certification participants regarding electricity and how to use the electrical tools dan together with P4TK BMTI Bandung facilitated the support of both technical and non-technical sections in certification activities. 

Through the Jabar Energy Champion program by Department of Energy and Mineral Resources of the West Java Provincial Government, collaborate with ICA, is running an electricity safety and comfort campaign with jargon “Safety, Green, and Smart Electricity” which is marked by the distribution of free certification for electricity installers. The purpose of this activity is to create credible and competent electricity installers so can provide comfort and safety for the community in terms of electrical installations in their homes.

Based on the above, the West Java Provincial Government launched 100 free certifications this year. 50 free certifications were carried out by IATKI in collaboration with CoE EARE and P4TK BMTI Bandung. The standard used in this certification is ESDM standard in the electricity sector. The job qualification in this competencies test are level 1 as Assistant for the Implementation of Construction and Installation of Electric Power Utilization, level 2 as the Implementer of Construction and Installation of Low Voltage Utilization or Low Voltage Utilization Installer, and level 3 can choose freely between Lightning Protection, Power Supply, or Measurement and Limiting Tools. 

The Center of Excellence EARE fully supports this program in terms of the introduction of domestic electrical installation components and equipment and how to use them. “There is a lot of electricity installer, sometimes, don’t understand the concept and how to use tools correctly. Besides, work ethics also needs to be truly understood by installers in order to provide comfort to people who need electricity installers, therefore we are ready to help,” said Ahmad Dahlan as Co-Director of CoE EARE.  

“This is the first time, we are under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture collaborate with the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources through this program. Of course, we hope this collaboration can be sustainable considering the importance of creating credible and competent installers to make our community safe and healthy electricity installations in West Java,” said Agung Riyanto as Head of General Section P4TK BMTI. (coe/ag)

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