Final Presentation of XR Operator Advisor Project

by Co-Director - 30 August 2022

For almost 4 months, Cédric Hénon, French intern from ESIROI (Reunion Island and Indian Ocean Engineering School), has been interning at Centre of Excellence for Electricity, Automation and Renewable Energy. In the 4th week of August, he had the opportunity to do his internship at Schneider Electric Indonesia's Head Office in Jakarta for a week. On 25 August 2022, the intern made a final presentation of the XR Operator Advisor project. We would like to thank Roberto Rossi (Cluster President of Schneider Electric Indonesia and Timor Leste) and Astri Ramayanti Dharmawan (Vice President of Schneider Electric Indonesia and Timor Leste) for attending the final presentation. The XR OA project was initiated by Marie Castella (Innovative & Inclusive Training Lead from Schneider Electric France), supervised by Manuel Azibi (Co-Director of CoE EARE) and supported by Aswita W. Saragih (Education Business Development from Schneider Electric Indonesia).
We hope that this innovative project, which aims to test the use of XR OA software in education, will help learners in the future.
Cédric Hénon is almost at the end of his internship. We would like to thank him for his hard work and we wish him all the best for his next steps !

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