Presentation Session on the French Education System and Learning Models for Vocational Education by Manuel Azibi

by Co-Director - 4 February 2022

In addition to participating in technical material about solar panels, the training participants from the GFA Group also received material about learning. In one of the training sessions, French Experts and Co-Director of CoE EARE, Manuel Azibi, who was delegated by France Education International, had the opportunity to present the Center of Excellence project which is a collaboration between Indonesia, France and Schneider Electric to improve the competence of SMK teachers in Indonesia. Apart from that, the French education system was also introduced on this occasion and he provided some insights about pedagogical approaches to vocational education. The training participants who are Politeknik lecturers were very enthusiastic to know the learning system for vocational education in France. Manuel also demonstrated a virtual reality project (SENAR) with modeling Schneider Electric equipment for learning innovations that is still in development stage. It is hoped that this year, CoE EARE can conduct research on 600 students in 20 different SMK throughout Indonesia to test the implementation of this application in the learning process for SMK students.

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The launch of the tenth link and match vocational education program in the West Java region this year involved 2,604 SMKs and 885 industries. This has exceeded the target made by the Ministry of Industry, involved 2,600 SMKs and 750 industries. The Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto, gave the highest appreciation to all SMK and industry parties who were enthusiastically involved in the strategic program. This was stated at PT. Indofood Barokah Makmur Award, Sukabumi, Monday (18/3).

by Co-Director
18 December 2019

Electrical Installation Training Batch 1 in 2022 for SMK teachers

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by Co-Director
8 June 2022

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by Co-Director
13 September 2022