Electrical Installation Training Batch 5th CoE EARE, Participated by Vocational Teachers from Aceh to North Maluku

by Co-Director - 20 January 2020

Cimahi – A total of 14 teachers have participated in Electrical Installation Training Batch 5th CoE EARE from July 7 – August 17, 2019, at the CoE EARE Building, P4TK BMTI Bandung. This training involves teachers from various provinces such as Aceh, South Sumatera, DKI Jakarta, Central Java, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and North Maluku. Each province sent 2 teachers to attend this training. This training was held for 6 weeks as the previous training.

Mulhadi, one of the participants in this training from Aceh, hopes this training can provide sustainable benefits both to the training participants and students in school. He hopes from this program, students will be ready to compete in the industrial world. Additionally, Selviwidakti, a teacher representative from SMK Negeri 2 Bitung, North Sulawesi, said this training was very useful and provided new insights for teachers in the learning and teaching process.

This electrical installation training program indeed focuses on practice rather than theory. It is intended that teachers can provide a real picture of the state of the industrial world to their students. The training involved experts from France and several mainstay teachers from Widyaiswara P4TK BMTI. In addition to pedagogical teaching methods, training participants also get material from the book module and in the e-learning module.

“The trainer team in this program is very competent and proficient in their fields. I am very happy to have the opportunity to take part in this training. Besides improving my hard skills, I also learned to communicate in English and get to know some French vocabulary. I feel the benefits of this training,” said Joni, one of the participants in this training from Kebumen, Central Java.

The Center of Excellence EARE has trained teachers from 2018 to the present. In this 5th training, CoE EARE still gets satisfying responses and feedback from the training participants. After the training participants take part in this training, they will return to their regions and are expected to be able to share their knowledge while attending the training at P4TK BMTI Bandung. Also, in every school that sends participants to this training program, they will get a set of equipment that supports the teaching and learning process in their schools.

“CoE EARE is certainly not limited to training in P4TK BMTI Bandung. We want this training to have a big impact in the regions, so we are planning to carry a Regional CoE EARE, where teachers who have been trained here become trainers for their regions after getting equipment. Participants who will take part in this regional training could come from industry agencies, tertiary institutions, and governments around the area,” said Made Ardana as Head of Program P4TK BMTI Bandung (coe/ag).

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