Opening of Renewable Energy Training for BLK Instructors

by Co-Director - 14 February 2022

After completing the first training for Polytechnic lecturers on 31 January – 11 February 2022, the GFA Consulting Group, which was mandated by the Swiss government, again sent trainees to the Center of Excellence. This time, it's the turn of instructors from Balai Latihan Kerja (BLK or Vocational Training Center) who will take part in the Advanced Solar Energy Training for a duration of two weeks starting from February 14 to 25, 2022. The training participants come from various BLK throughout Indonesia, one from a university and a Politeknik from Maluku as well as personnels from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. They have attended training for Solar PV Basic at BLK Serang in 2021 and this training is a continuation. This training was originally intended for 15 people, but some participants experienced obstacles related to Covid, so that only 13 participants could attend. To maintain the health of participants and personnels during the training, participants, instructors and training committees are asked to do an antigen test every day. Only those with negative results are allowed to attend. In this hybrid opening ceremony, Mr. Supriyono as Head of BBPMPPV BMTI who gave material on renewable energy engineering program policies, Mr. Martin Stottele as Team Leader of Renewable Energy Skills Development (RESD) GFA Group, Mr. Heru S. as a representative of the Directorate General of Vocational and Productivity Training Development (Binalavotas) of the Ministry of Manpower, and Mr. Laode Sulaeman from the Center for Human Resources Development for Electricity, New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (PPSDM KEBTKE) who officially opened this training program. This training program runs in the context of developing human resource skills to answer the need for renewable energy to supply the need of electricity throughout Indonesia, in collaboration with the governments of Indonesia, Switzerland and France.

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Visit from HP Indonesia

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