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by Co-Director - 18 December 2019

The launch of the tenth link and match vocational education program in the West Java region this year involved 2,604 SMKs and 885 industries. This has exceeded the target made by the Ministry of Industry, involved 2,600 SMKs and 750 industries. The Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto, gave the highest appreciation to all SMK and industry parties who were enthusiastically involved in the strategic program. This was stated at PT. Indofood Barokah Makmur Award, Sukabumi, Monday (18/3).

At this launch, there was the signing of 631 cooperation agreements, among 128 industries with 451 SMKs. The Minister of Industry has held two launches of vocational education in West Java because this region has great potential in the development of the manufacturing industry sector.

In this series of activities, 28 companies donated machinery and equipment to 208 SMKs for practical purposes. One of them is from PT. Schneider Electric Indonesia which helped worth 300,000 Euros for the development of the Center of Excellence in the fields of electricity, industrial automation, and renewable energy for 10 Vocational Schools, including the Cimahi and Jayapura regions.

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